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iUNFI Ordering Device

Make better, more informed ordering decisions

  • Keeping You:

    • Connected - Access all UNFI accounts from one device
    • Productive - Intuitive online shopping experience
    • Organized - Lists, favorites, reminders & tasks features
    • Informed - Better item details, alerts & messages
    • Mobile - Pistol grip scanner, mobile printer, backup battery
    • Secure - More secure, managed platform


  • See it in Action

Mobile Ordering Kit

Includes: Hand-held unit, charging station, power cord Optional accessories: Mobile tag printer, printer labels

  • iUNFI Device Gun with Charger

    Superior Hardware

    • Rugged, drop resistant device
    • Superior scanning experience
    • Longer lasting battery life
      • Docking station with built-in charger
      • Pistol grip backup battery
    • Fewer hardware failures
    • Mobile printer for on-demand shelf tag printing (optional)
  • iPhone with the iUNFI Mobile App open

    Enhanced Software

    • Easy navigation with intuitive screen designs
    • Better data syncing on startup
    • More accurate catalogs due to more data connections
    • Improved search, quickly add to your cart
    • Informative, easy to read Item Details
  • Portal label printer

    Managed Platform

    • Improved security
    • Controlled Apple updates
    • Managed software releases
    • More accurate catalogs due to additional data connections
    • Future UNFI apps & software automatically push to iUNFI

UNFI Sales Reps, click here to submit an iUNFI request on behalf of your customer.