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Device Type: Apple, Android

How do I stop apps from running on my device?

If your mobile device has too many applications open it will begin to slow down as the limited amount of memory it has is divided among all the running applications. By regularly closing apps (particularly apps that consume a lot of battery and you use frequently), your device and the iUNFI application will perform better.

Dismissing iUNFI will also allow the application to start from a clean slate, resolving a variety of issues.

How to dismiss running application in iOS:

For iOS 6:

1. Double-click the home button on your device to open the Apple Task Manager.

2.Tap and hold one of the applications for a few seconds and the applications should start to shake and a minus should appear in the top left. Tap on the minus sign to stop those apps from running on the device. Click the "Home" button to return to the iOS home screen

For iOS 7: 
1. Double-click the home button on your device to open the Apple Task Manager.

2. The icon for the running app will be shown at the bottom with an image of the application's current state. To stop the app from running , swipe directly up on the image of the app until it disappears. Press the "Home" button once to return to the iOS home screen.


If any iOS issues persist, please contact iUNFI Support at 877-362-6291.


1. Tap on the "Multitasking" button on your Android device to open the Task Manager.

2. To stop applications from running in the background of your device, swipe to the right (or left). Once they disappear, they are no longer running.



If any Android issues persist, please