Common Question
Device Type: Apple

iUNFI-Provided Scanner isn't producing a laser

1. Check your scanner's charge:

Charging iUNFI-Provided Hardware


2. iPod and Scanner Connection Issue 

Removing iOS Device from Linea Pro Scanner

Bluetooth Scanner Support


3. Close All Apps to Clear Memory Usage and Hard Reset

How do I stop apps from running on my device?


4. Reboot Your Device:

A fresh restart will allow the device to renew its virtual memory which will allow it to run smoother. This is something that should be done once every several days to ensure there are no performance dips in the device.

For iOS, press the lock button on the top right-hand portion of the device and hold down the "Home" button until the Apple logo appears. It will then turn the device back on. This process should take only a few minutes.

If iOS issues persist, please contact iUNFI Support:

  • 1-800-679-6733 Natural West and Canada
  • 1-800-451-2525 Natural East