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Device Type: Apple

Removing iOS Device from Linea Pro Scanner

Removing your iOS device from the attached scanner is an important step for troubleshooting. Sometimes the communication between your device and scanner can become severed and resetting the connection by re-seating the devices is normally effective and can solve many problems encountered with the Linea Pro scanner.

When using the scanner, care must be taken to ensure the scanner connector and the device charging port are not accidentally damaged.  The figures below show how to attach and remove your device from the Linea Pro scanner.

Linea Pro 4g Scanner

1.  Remove the top portion of the scanner case by pulling directly up from the separation between the clip and the body of the device. 

2.  Slide your device out from the top of the scanner as pictured below:


3.  Remove the battery cover from the cradle of the scanner. Remove the battery and replace to reset the scanner. Once you're finished with troubleshooting or re-docking the device, slide the iPod back into the scanner and place the top cover as shown in the figure below.



Linea Pro 5g Scanner

1. Pull the top off of the scanner as pictured below


2. Gently slide the iPod out of the scanner until it is completely removed. Once removed, press down the right-hand portion of the battery status button and hold the scan button at the same time until a beep is emitted, indicating the scanner has reset.


3. Slide the iPod back into the scanner and place the top back on until it snaps in.