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Device Type: Apple

Logging Into iUNFI Using a Pin

iUNFI provides you the choice of creating a PIN number that is unique to a specific log in instance so users do not have to type in their entire password at each log in attempt. 

1. Log in with your iUNFI Credentials. Tap "Login" and within 30 seconds your credentials will be accepted. Once your credentials have been accepted, you will be prompted with the option to create a PIN number. Select a 4-digit number and confirm to create this. You can select "No Thanks" in the bottom left-hand corner to ignore this and continue using your entire username and password to log in.


2. Next time you log in, iUNFI will ask for the PIN number you setup. Input the 4-digit number you previously setup and, if entered correctly, iUNFI will log you back in. If you do not recall this number, tap on "Return to Login" on iOS.


3. You may permanently turn the PIN Number option off within your profile if you'd like and this will only affect log in attempts with your username. For iOS, tap on 'Settings" in the bottom right-hand corner and then select "Profile" You'll see "Allow Pin Login" listed. Switch this to the off position to always use full credentials.


If iOS issues persist, please contact iUNFI Support:

  • 1-800-679-6733 Natural West and Canada
  • 1-800-451-2525 Natural East