Common Question
Device Type: Android

How do I install the iUNFI application?

How To for Android Devices:

1.   Locate the Play Store app on your device 



2. Tap on the magnifying glass (search bar) located at the top of the screen. Once open, type in “iUNFI” then initiate the search by tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom right hand corner. The iUNFI app will be shown as a result. Tap to view the app's details.



3. Once you've opened up the app's page, locate the green "Install" button and tap on it. You'll be prompted to accept. special permissions the iUNFI application will need to run.


4. Next to the icon, a blue installation progress bar will appear. Once the iUNFI app is done installing, it will show "Open" or "Uninstall". Tap "Open" if you want to open the app or "uninstall" if you need to uninstall the iUNFI app.