Common Question
Device Type: Apple

iUNFI App is no longer emitting sound.

iUNFI, by default, emits specific sounds for in-app actions such as adding an item to your order, selecting an item, scanning a UPC, etc. These are all integral so during high-stress and time sensitive moments customers are able to recognize whether an item was "Not Authorized," not added to the order or is otherwise discontinued/out of stock.

This setting can sometimes be switched off; for most customers, it's important to have enabled. 

1. Open the "Settings" application.

2. Find the "Sounds" selection and tap on it to advance.

3. Once in the "Sounds" directory, you'll notice that the volume is turned down low and the "Change With Buttons" option has been switched off. Slide the volume indicator to your desired volume and switch the "Change With Buttons" option to the right so it turns green, the "On" position.


Once you've changed the two settings above, click the iPod/iPhone's "Home" button so you can see all of your apps.

Re-open the iUNFI app, begin scanning an item and you should be able to now hear the iUNFI alerts.