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Device Type: Apple

Common Solutions

1. Checking Wi-Fi or Cellular Network Connectivity

a) Open the Weather application. Ensure that sure it says "Updated [Today's Date] [Time]."  If it doesn't, the Weather application was unable to connect to the internet to retrieve information.  

Common Solution Apple Step 1

b) If it says Update failed or the internet connection failed, it is a Wi-Fi connection issue and you need to move to somewhere with a better connection

c) If the date is incorrect we need to change this by going to Setting--> General--> Date & Time

Note: Network connectivity issue happen often and can be the source of many problems. 

2. Clear all running applications

Too many concurrently running apps can cause performance to suffer due to limited memory availabilityUsers should regularly dismiss apps to ensure their device is running optimally. 

a) To remove the running app sessions from the device, press the "Home" button of the iPod to return to the home screen of the iPod where you can see all of your available apps. 

Common Solution Apple Step 2

b) Double-click the home button and the Apple Task Manager should appear. This appears in a different way depending on your iOS version:

For iOS 6 or earlier: Tap and hold one of the applications for 3 seconds and they should start to shake and a red circle with a minus should appear in the top left. Once this appears, tap on the minus sign to stop those apps from running on the device. (This does not cause for any loss of data). Press the "Home" button to return to the iOS Home screen.