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Customer Specific Pricing

Customer Specific Pricing Icon

UNFI gives you the flexibility to create a pricing program that fits your business!

Look for the the orange price in iUNFI to see YOUR specific cost for a product.

*Wi-Fi or Cell Data is required to update price from wholesale cost to your specific cost.

iUNFI Key Features



  • Works offline for ease of use and speed
  • Multiple ways to add and find products
  • On-scan product details
  • Submit multiple transactions for one or several accounts
  • Discontinued Reason Codes for quick decision making


24/7 Support

24/7 Support

A dedicated team of support specialists are ready to help you. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



Monthly Promotions & Specials

Promo & Special Icon

UNFI offers promotions from some of our 10,000+ suppliers - designed to satisfy you!

Look for products with a Green Ribbon in iUNFI! These are the products carrying a monthly promotional discount to your catalog.



Get started today!


iUNFI is the most advanced mobile retail platform in the industry! Join thousands of customers already using iUNFI, and have access to order UNFI products from our 10,000+ suppliers, right at your finger tips. You can order Select Nutrition and Albert's Organics products too-- but we won't stop there! Soon, you'll be able to order Tony's Fine Foods products.